Develop your human potential ecosystem from a menu of workshops. 

Learn to self audit and self develop using TASK, ©1985, Technique, Attitude, Strategy, and Knowledge

We coach how to break through patterns, barriers, roadblocks, and heal invisible wounds.

Executive resiliency & team coaching integrates neuroscience and breath practices, mindful awareness, practical business skills, to reach peak  human potential, efficiency, and teach practices to reset the stress response system anywhere and anytime.  

Our specialists customize diverse 'Hot Seat' scenario discussions and introduce specific breathing techniques, rhythms, and patterns as solutions for maintaining a regulated nervous system.  

Our coaches have experienced and witness first hand In corporate and personal environments the impact of a 'Hot Seat' and the disruptions to teams, profits, and leaders who could have avoided damage through proper neuroscience practices and training.We deliver the practices and exercises with pillars of practical and out of the box knowledge so you can manage your emotion regulation, improve the quality of life, professional, and personal relationships, financial gain, and career development.

     Pressure Proof Challenges , Remove Barriers, Relieve                   Stress/Anxiety, and Free the Mind Through Neuroscience             and Ancient Wisdom of Breath Practices         

     Universal Sales Concepts, Client Acquisition, & Earning the Right to       do Business since 1985

     The Power of Intentions                                                   

    Adventure Combat Strategy and Problem Solving

    Positive Imagery and Goal Setting

    Mindful Awareness Leadership, and Accountability

    The Missing LInks of Territory and Time Management   

    The Mysteries of Public Speaking Revealed                   

     Mind Games and Game Plans 

     of Advance Negotiations                

     Translating C-Suite Vision Into Daily Action

     Relationship Building                                                        

     Military Money Skills Workshop    

     Observation Creates Transformation                           

     Coaches Playbook

We extrapolate 'Hot Seat' scenarios from our courses delivered to Fortune 500 Corporations over the years and real life setbacks.

We integrated our Resiliency System to include some Breath-Body-Mind practices by Richard P. Brown, MD., and Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD., which Deborah Alagna is a Certified Level-3 Teacher.

Daniel Stewart's, Pressure Proof Challenges, (mental techniques taught at the Olympics), and Resiliency Coaches Leadership Development, (taught to Fortune 500, Military, C-Suite, Athletes, and Public).

Our scenarios are fundamental in creating authentic discussions and experiences so that C-Suite, HR, IT, Warriors, and Athletes find credible and realistic.

Through 'Hot Seat' scenarios, we teach mindful awareness and application of decompressing practices and utilizing neuroscience solutions.

Outcomes are resiliency to 'Hot Seats', damage control to capitol culture, happier leaders, customers, and teams.  Happier and healthier people produce good results and are energized to embrace their human potential while increasing profits.