Richard P. Brown, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University, gives over 100 lectures each year has over 100 scientific publications. His neurophysiology theory explores effect of Voluntarily Regulated Breathing Practices    (VRBP's) on, mental, and physical health.  A certified teacher of Aikido (4th Dan), Qigong, Yoga, and Meditation.Breath-Body-Mind Body-Mind programs have been successfully used  with active duty military in the US and with wounded  warriors  in the US, Australia, and South Sudan.


Patricia Gerbarg, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor in        Psychiatry, New York Medical College, graduate of Harvard  Medical School and Boston Psychoanalytic Institute, integrates standard and complementary treatments. She researches and teaches mind-body practices for anxiety, depression, PTSD, survivors of mass disasters, medical illness, and the military.  She has coauthored 30 articles, 25 book chapters and 3 award-winning books, including: The  Healing Power of the Breath. Dr. Gerbarg is the first lead editor of a multi-author book, Complementary, and integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice, released by  the American Psychiatric Association Publishing in 2017.

Resiliency Coaches invites all to inquire about a customized proposal from Award-Winning Authors Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia L Gerbarg, MD to lecture, speak or attend their workshop.


Disclosure: Breath-Body-Mind, LLC is a separate company from Resiliency Coaches. We have a strategic alliance to bring this knowledge to humanity. Resiliency Coaches Principal is a Breath-Body-Mind certified teacher with permission to deliver coherent, breathing, and other practices.