Deborah Alagna, Principal, Resiliency Coaches, self funded her military volunteer service since 2006.  And she organized Project Welcome Home Troops after seeking the assistance of a young marine, Matt,  based at Twentynine Palms, California who was soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.  Many heartfelt blessings and thanks to him.

Since 2006, Deborah Alagna has also been the Resiliency Coach for Shad Meshad, founder of the National Veterans Foundation and some of his team who serve veterans and manage a Crisis Life Line for veterans.

Deborah Alagna has coached Wounded Warriors, Athletes, and US Navy Hospital Providers at US Military Base.  And she is honored to have been on a cover of the Simper Fi Magazine in 2019.

She co-wrote the training in the documentary, Free the Mind which traveled the globe to film festivals and Quantico.

Her service to the veterans included co-authoring, Military Financial Literacy and was one of the presenters at US Vets Workshop, Long Beach, California.

Please view the website and donate today to help prevent suicide.

National Veterans' Foundation

Shad Meshad, Founder

LIFE LINE for VETS:  888.777.4443

Resiliency Coaches has organized and delivered resiliency training to Military Wounded Warriors, and US Navy Mental Health Providers for multiple years on military bases.

Deborah Alagna has been the resiliency coach for National Veterans Foundation since 2006 and is Shad Meshad personal resiliency coach.

Deborah Alagna was also awarded, National Veterans Foundation 25th Anniversary, volunteer of the year.